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Posted by toblersflowers on June 6, 2016 Roses

A Month of Roses

rosesThe giving of s as birthday gifts most likely began during the Roman Empire. Roman birthday celebrations were very similar to today – family and friends would gather together, and bring gifts to the birthday celebrant. Those gifts often were in the form of s, giving rise to the idea of birth s; guests brought the blossoms that happened to be in season during that month. In true Roman style, birthdays did not just honor the person celebrating, but were also an opportunity to give honor to their many gods, and the blooms were also used to decorate their altars.

As the birth of June, a rose bouquet is a perfect choice to send birthday wishes to your friends and families. Given their wide range of colors, you can design an arrangement that is either strikingly monochromatic or vibrantly colorful – speak to the expert florists at Tobler’s to design a birthday floral gift that they will love.

roses roses

rosesDuring the Victorian era, the language of s began to emerge. The outward expression of love, affection or emotion was considered bad etiquette, and was not only frowned upon but was forbidden. By assigning meanings to s, lovers whose relationship was considered taboo were able to communicate. As the iconic of love and romance, the red rose played a large part in this system. Which leads us right into the second connection between June and roses – June 12th is Red Rose Day, an unofficial observance that pays homage to the most classic of all time. Even though we don’t have to hide our feelings anymore, the red rose bouquet still sends an unmistakable message of love and passion.

In all of Kansas City, there are no more beautiful s than at Tobler’s Flowers. Call us today!