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June Is For Lovers

Tobler's Flowers doesn't say this lightly, but June is definitely the month for love. Hard to top February's Valentine's Day, you say? We understand, but more people marry in June than any other month. So amid all those weddings, we've got just as many anniversaries. That translates to a lot of love in the air, and a lot of s on the tables and clutched in the hands for a walk down the aisle. And yes, we've got both types of florals. We do weddings, and we have romantic pieces available that were devised with anniversaries in mind. Walk with us. Read More about June Is For Lovers »
Posted by toblersflowers on June 11, 2018 Anniversary s Love and Romance Wedding Flowers

Kansas City Wedding Flowers for June

Experts tell us that across the country, more couples choose to tie the knot in June than any other time of the year. There are many theories as to why this is so, from temperate weather to easier travel. But is it possible that ancient traditions have transcended the centuries and influenced our choices? In both ancient Rome and Celtic cultures, the majority of weddings took place in June for superstitious reasons, and these folks were many of our ancestors. Regardless of the reason, June has been designated Wedding Month - so if you are one of the couples planning a local wedding, we'd like to introduce you to Tobler's Flowers. We've been providing Kansas City wedding s for well over 100 years! Worth 1,000 Words: Check out our Wedding Site for photos, tips, traditions, and information on wedding planning. And for hundreds of additional inspiration photos, check out our Pinterest Wedding Boards!  Read More about Kansas City Wedding Flowers for June »
Posted by toblersflowers on June 8, 2017 | Last Updated: June 11, 2017 Anniversary s Wedding Flowers