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Getting Your Freshman Ready for College Life

As August approaches, your new college student is both excited and nervous. Moving to college and starting a new life in a dorm or apartment is a big deal! There are so many questions! What can you bring? What should you buy? Will I have what I need? When your student is moving away from home for the first time, there are certain items that all students need. Things such as bedding, desk accessories and extra lighting are essential. But what else does your student need? The designers at Toblers Flowers have created a list of essential products to ensure that your student has a fun and functional dorm room or apartment. Read More about Getting Your Freshman Ready for College Life »
Posted by Jenn Kelly on July 22, 2019 | Last Updated: July 31, 2019 Back to School floral design Flowers Plants

A Much-Needed Boost On The First Day Of School

Every school year, teachers begin preparing for students long before the kids arrive back on campus. A lot of thought, planning and hard work goes into their preparations. Anticipations run high as teachers get excited to meet their new students each year. Make this year great from the very beginning for your child’s teacher by bringing a gorgeous plant or bouquet of s from Tobler’s Flowers to them on the first day of school (or even before school starts!). Read More about A Much-Needed Boost On The First Day Of School »
Posted by toblersflowers on July 30, 2018 Back to School Flowers