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Posted by toblersflowers on December 27, 2016 | Last Updated: December 31, 2016 Birthdays

A Year of Birthstones, Birthdays and Bouquets


A birthday is a cause for celebration, but trying to decide on birthday gifts that are unique and out of the ordinary can be challenging year after year. This year, we suggest sending bouquets based on the essence of birthstones, inspired by the precious gems that represent each month. Simply call Tobler’s Flowers and ask to speak with one of our professional designers – we will be happy to help you imagine gorgeous, colorful birthstone bouquets.In January the birthstone is a garnet. The rich red color can inspire red rose arrangements or gifts of amaryllis plants. February showcases the amethyst, and the opulent purple hue is often designed with orchids, calla lilies, or roses. birthstones

March is the month of the aquamarine stone, and the ocean-blue color is well represented by the blue hydrangea . The diamond is the official birthstone of April, and white s with shimmering bling make a luxurious display.

The May birthstone is the emerald, the June birthstone is the pearl, and the July birthstone is the ruby. Each of these stones provides ample inspiration to create birthstone bouquets that express all of the rich decadence of gemstones. birthstones

In August, the lime green peridot is represented by bright Fuji mums or cymbidium orchids. These exotic s will make your recipient feel as rich as receiving the actual birthstone. September’s birthstone is the vibrant blue sapphire, October is the iridescent opal, and November is the orange/gold of the topaz. We finish out the year with the soothing blue turquoise stone, which suggests bouquets of periwinkles or delphinium.

There are many ways to celebrate birthdays, but we think that s are an essential part of them all. Do you need ideas? The experts at Tobler’s Flowers are happy to create arrangements based on birthstones for all of your Kansas City special occasions.