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Posted by toblersflowers on February 22, 2016 Flowers

Celebrate Floral Design Day on February 28, 2016

floral design dayOn February 28, we celebrate National Floral Design Day. It is an official national observance even though it’s not recognized as a national holiday. For many centuries, different countries and cultures have acknowledged that floral design in a legitimate art form. We see it countless painting masterpieces, on textiles, in gardens, and every time we see a simple bouquet of s. When people use s as part of their holiday decor, weddings, major celebrations, or in the arrangements we buy as gifts or to beautify our homes, we are benefitting from the creativity that some behind-the-scenes floral designer put into every arrangement, corsage, boutonniere, or bouquet.


The idea for celebrating floral design as an art form began when the collective community at Rittner’s Floral Design School in Boston, decided that a Floral Design Day celebration would be an excellent and unique way to celebrate a special birthday of the school’s founder, Carl Rittner. The school has been in existence for over 70 years. The idea behind Floral Design Day is to help people understand how important s are to every aspect of our lives.


In 1995, Massachusetts Governor, William F. Weld issued a proclamation declaring that February 28, 1995, was Floral Design Day. But the folks at Rittner’s weren’t satisfied to see a one-time celebration, so they channeled their efforts to ensure that Floral Design Day would become an annual event, which it is today.


There are many ways by which to show your support for Floral Design Day.


  • Buy arrangements to brighten your home.


  • Send s to a friend or relative who lives far away.


  • Visit a shop to look at various designs they have on hand.


  • Visit floral websites to peruse different designs.


  • Go to an art museum to look at the broad range of artworks that celebrate floral designs.


  • Surprise your boss with a bouquet of s.

floral design day

Birds in Paradise

floral design day

Vintage Beauty

Chase the winter cold and blues away with our Bird in Paradise arrangement. This unique design captures the exotic beauty of tropical s by combining delicate dendrobium orchids and majestic Birds of Paradise.


Our Vintage Beauty Arrangement is the perfect accent for a mantel, a coffee table, or as the centerpiece on another table. The unique combination of roses, orchids, calla lilies and Protea oozes exoticism. We rev up the elegance by adding seeded eucalyptus and other green accents.


Floral Design Day gives you an opportunity to explore the many ways that s make our lives better. The Tobler’s Flowersteam is anxious to help you choose a unique design to send or give as a gift, or any combination of s to beautify your home and purify the air.