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Posted by toblersflowers on May 10, 2016 Birthdays

How to Celebrate May Birthdays with Green Flowers

may birthdaysExcavated in Egypt as early as 1500 B.C, the emerald is a striking precious stone that has come to signify rebirth, youth, renewal and good luck. This iconic gemstone has been mined in 29 countries globally – including in North America – although, to date, no emeralds have been found in the Kansas City area. So when you are deciding on a gift for your loved ones who celebrate May birthdays, consider an homage to this verdantly colored birthstone with an emerald-green floral arrangement from Toblers Flowers.

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Designed in clear glass leaf-lined vases, our May floral arrangements are guaranteed to make anyone green with envy. Many people are not aware that so many s occur naturally in this lush color – the green cymbidium orchid is one of the most elegant and exotic, but you can also choose to add green roses, spider mums, poms, hydrangea, eucalyptus and more! Although not the most common color of , these green blooms make a unique impression sure to turn heads and make people take notice.

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Emeralds of top quality are especially rare; imperfections called inclusions are quite common in most emeralds. Because these cracks and fissures are expected, when an emerald is discovered that does not exhibit these traits, it is usually more valuable than even the most perfect diamond. In comparison, the florists at Toblers Flowers design arrangements that exhibit the glory of nature – and honor the Emerald – using green, fresh cut s that are practically perfect, every time. If you prefer a more traditional gift, living green plants are an appropriate alternative; and we’ve got a wide selection of plants, shrubs and potted trees as well. This May, arrange to have birthstone-inspired s sent to all your loved ones; and celebrate the Emerald in a unique and creative way.