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Posted by toblersflowers on August 30, 2017 Homecoming & Prom

Tips for Choosing Homecoming Flowers

homecoming flowers

Homecoming weekend is full of memories, traditions and fun, and homecoming flowers play a  beautiful part in the festivities! Whether you need flowers for the football player’s moms, for the homecoming court, or for the formal dance, you can find the most beautiful homecoming flowers in Kansas City at Tobler’s Flowers.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect piece for the big weekend. 

homecoming flowers * Choose Your Dress First: Homecoming flowers should be inspired by your dress, both in regards color and style.

* Be Inspired, But Flexible: Photos from online sites such as Pinterest can provide beautiful inspiration, but the
designs may not be practical or flowers in season. Bring your photos, and let’s discuss the perfect interpretation.

* Be Colorful: While the inclination is often to match the flowers exactly with the dress, your floral designers can
show you how contrasting colors or varied shades can bring out the true beauty in your look.

* Order Early: The best way to make sure you get the flowers you want is to call us well in advance of your event.
If we have to order any special varieties or guarantee your selection is available, call today!

Where Did The Tradition of Corsages Begin? Women have been wearing flowers for thousands of years for different reasons, but in the Victorian Era in Europe, they often wore flowers on the bodice of their dress as a sign of status and privilege. Another name of the bodice is the corsage, and in France, they began to call the flowers “bouquets des corsage”, which eventually transferred the word not only to the attire, but the flowers as well. Corsages are today considered signs of honor and respect.

Corsage, boutonniere, nosegay bouquet or floral lei – the expert at Tobler’s Flowers are here to provide the homecoming flowers for every tradition. No matter which school in the Kansas City area, we’ll make sure your event is beautiful.

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