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Posted by toblersflowers on July 17, 2017 | Last Updated: July 21, 2017 Back to School

Dorm Room Gifts for the College Student

dorm roomCollege students across the country are preparing to return to the dorm room this month, and the list of items they need to bring is likely growing. In order to send them off in style, we recommend giving them an unexpected gift that will add a bit of flair to their space, as well as remind them throughout the year of how much you love them. Tobler’s Flowers has unique ideas that will allow your student to feel at home no matter where they are.

Green plants are perfect gifts for a dorm room – they not only help to keep the air in the space clean and healthy, but they infuse a sense of well being and peace. Studies have shown that when green plants are in the room, that productivity increases, concentration levels are improved, and people are more mentally sharp. All of these benefits are important to college students, and so green plants are desirable.
dorm room

What to Choose? A college dorm room has limited space, so compact cubes and dish gardens are the most appropriate plant arrangements.

Of course, once the room has a few green plants, and the atmosphere is conducive to studying, your college student would love a care package! Every scholar appreciates delicious snacks to get them through all-night study sessions, or relaxing days off with friends. A gourmet gift basket is guaranteed to make your loved one’s day when it arrives on campus – not only will they enjoy the treats inside, but they will know you are thinking of them. dorm room

Whether a bouquet of her favorite s, a unique gift from our collection, or one of the items described above – your student will feel more comfortable in their transition when they have a touch of home. Congratulations on your student’s achievements – Tobler’s Flowers is happy to help you to remind them how proud you are of them, whether in Kansas City or across the country.