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Posted by toblersflowers on October 27, 2017 | Last Updated: November 3, 2017 Uncategorized Veterans Day

Fetching Flowers for Veterans Day

Veterans Day is November 11, and our Kansas City community is busy planning the parades, parties and observances that will honor our U.S. military vets and their service to country. While we enjoy coming together to acknowledge our cherished heroes publicly, there’s nothing like reaching out to a veteran personally to extend your gratitude. A phone call, a home-cooked meal and even a gift is in order. And if our favorite patriots live far from us, or can’t make it out to one of the many events in town, s become an even more important gesture.

Since the majority of our veterans are male, we at Toblers Flowers have our eye on a couple of arrangements that will appeal to both men and women. These fetching s are well-suited to the occasion at hand.

When it comes to sending s to a military veteran, go for modest elegance over showy enthusiasm. Think about scale; something more modestly-sized is better than an overwhelming piece. Enter our Octoberfest, a handsome design in earthy colors that feels in season. Roses, safari sunset, kale, succulent and a touch of green hydrangea line up here, creating a natural elegance that will appeal to your deserving vet.

Simplicity and grace should be your catch words here, in selecting the perfect arrangement for your worthy recipient. Succulent or long-lasting greens and buds are nice to offer as well, especially as we find ourselves nearly to winter.

Our Toblers Flowers family joins yours this year in honoring our community’s veterans. If we can help you do that through a gift of fetching s, even better.