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Posted by toblersflowers on August 25, 2017 | Last Updated: August 26, 2017 Grandparent's Day

Delivering Grandparents Day Floral Bouquets

grandparents day floral bouquets There may be no more special -and mysterious – relationship in our lives than the one between grandparents and their grandchildren. No one is really sure why the bond between these two is so strong, but there is no denying it. And given that fact, setting aside to honor that connection seems like a wonderful idea!

Grandparents Day is recognized on the first Sunday after Labor Day (this year on September 10). The day originated in the imagination of Marian McQuade, a mother of 15 and grandmother to more than 40. Marian’s goal was not to create a commercial holiday, rather she was motivated by the many grandparents living in nursing homes. Her dream was that families would realize the treasure these people were, and that they would set aside time to be together, share stories, and keep the family history alive.

Tobler’s Flowers loves the possibility of bringing family together and celebrating legacy. When you are looking for the perfect Grandparents Day floral bouquets to express your love and affection, we’ve got everything you need.

Grandparents Day Floral Bouquets

Here is some interesting trivia about grandparents in the United States:

* Over 90% of grandparents admit to talking about their grandchildren daily. They also believe that being a grandparent is the single most important role they have ever played.

* Grandparents don’t just bake cookies to give to their grandchildren. In fact, grandparents spend over $52 billion dollars annually on gifts for their grandkids. (but 85% still bake with the young ones! )

* In a recent study, 37% of households report having a grandparent in residence. Perhaps we are returning to multi-generational living, a custom largely lost in the last five decades.

Grandparents Day floral bouquets

Researchers say that children who grow up with an actively involved grandparent are more confident, self-assured and productive adults. The addition of a grandchild also appears to motivate parents to improve relationships with their adult children. It seems that the grandparent / grandchild relationship is beneficial to everyone involved!

grandparents day floral bouquets

Tobler’s Flowers encourages you to make a special occasion of this holiday, especially if you all live in the Kansas City area – and don’t forget the Grandparents Day floral bouquets, plants and gifts that will beautifully express your love.