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Toblers Flowers Blog

Posted by toblersflowers on May 27, 2018 Flowers

Meaningful Flowers For Your BFF

Make this June 8—Best Friend’s Day—the best by giving your BFF a beautiful arrangement. Tobler’s Flowers has everything you’ll need to find fresh blooms befitting the most singular and special of friendships. If you haven’t already started a tradition with your bestie for this day, now is the time. The s you give can be symbolic or merely beautiful, s that appeal to your friend or that speak to the friendship itself or both. Honoring a best friend is easy through s. Meaningful and resonant, they always make us stop and appreciate the feelings being expressed.

Our closest relationships are like our design Garden Delight, full of variety, and each piece in it an important part of the whole. Hydrangea, roses and tulips cluster together to create an enchanting vision that any friend would be thrilled to receive. Spring s are a gorgeous tribute to a friendship as special as yours.

This piece comes with a bed of river rocks at the bottom of the container, which gives it an earthy, organic feel. The overall vibe is fresh, upbeat and lovely—a seasonal mix that speaks volumes.