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Posted by toblersflowers on May 20, 2018 Flowers Summer

A Peek At Summer’s Flowers

When it comes to the slide from spring into summer, it’s a smooth one for florals. The two seasons share so many blooms in common, as if they conspired to make their half of the year the most dazzling, -wise. Toblers Flowers couldn’t be more pleased with the fact that so many of spring’s bloomers are also summer’s, but we also recognize that it’s easier to say goodbye to tulips when we have suns waiting in the wings. We like to look ahead to see what summer designs will look like, even if the s feel familiar to us because we’ve been enjoying them since March.

If you want to know what summer floral designs can do that spring ones don’t, look no further than Under the Sea. This striking piece with its punched-up palette and vivid greens looks straight out of The Little Mermaid. It not only makes use of some of summer’s most iconic blooms—lily, hydrangea and daisy—it recalls the beach, the sea, the ocean . . . you get the picture. In fact, this is one of those designs that would be a great centerpiece on a patio table or a side table next to a lounger at the pool. Its scale makes it the perfect small add to bring the season to your space.

Warm weather s are dazzling. We reinvent them between seasons to capture the particular spirit of July vs. April. In this case, we simply add seashells.