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Posted by toblersflowers on January 26, 2017 | Last Updated: February 4, 2017 floral design Flowers

Bringing Random Acts of Kindness to Kansas City

random acts

It is always important to be kind to those around us, but Random Acts of Kindness Day gives everyone the opportunity to focus on finding little ways to make a big difference in someone’s life. As you go through your day, do you consider ways to show simple kindness to the people you encounter? Perhaps you had a positive exchange with a sales clerk, so you took an extra minute to mention it to their supervisor. Or maybe a server was particularly friendly, so you left a larger-than-normal tip. Maybe you just made a point of paying a compliment to someone, making them smile all day!

Your small actions often have a big impact – and this is the motivation behind the internationally recognized day. At Tobler’s Flowers, we participate in spreading joy and happiness every day, so this February 17th, we ‘d love to help you plan something special. random actsWith a little planning, you can really surprise those around you, leaving a lasting impression and encouraging them to pass the kindness along. Consider buying a bright bouquet of daisies or carnations and passing them out to passers-by. Make a meal for a busy friend, and include a balloon bouquet to make them smile. Shovel the driveway and walkway of an elderly neighbor, and leave a kind note to tell them you were thinking of them. The ways to be kind are endless.

As you find ways to share the love in Kansas City or wherever you call home, remember that Tobler’s Florist has everything you need to help you show kindness and spread the joy. Let our floral designers help you to choose the perfect s, edible goodies or cheerful balloons. On Random Acts of Kindness Day, let’s all work together to make the world just a little bit more friendly.