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Posted by toblersflowers on April 2, 2018 Flowers Spring

Refresh And Purify Your Space For Spring

So many of us have big plans to reinvent our homes come spring, or at the very least, to give them a deep cleanse. Tobler’s Flowers knows how it goes, as we too have the desire to see our personal spaces purified and refreshed. As you embark on clearing out those closets and replacing the outdated decor items, don’t forget to add back in s and plants. These function as visual “palette cleansers,” giving the eye something new and vital to look at while also bringing in nature (and helping to oxygenate the home, we might add),

If you’re really wanting to stick with the light and clean spring feeling, choose a design that uses a simple palette of white and green. These two colors together communicate a feeling of angelic lightness but also make us feel connected with the living, breathing green world around us. Our Pure Heaven  piece captures both effects, showcasing a range of green hues. Hydrangea and lily cluster together here for a unique and lovely look.

What we love about a design like this is that it would look equally divine in the kitchen or in the bathroom. It’s neutral colors and soothing effect works just about anywhere you need a little serenity and solace in order to feel refreshed for the season.