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Posted by toblersflowers on August 20, 2017 | Last Updated: August 21, 2017 Birthdays

September Inspiration for Birthday Arrangements

birthday arrangements

Holidays hold a special place in our heart, as we collect many lifelong memories celebrating with friends and family. But birthdays are much more personal and meaningful – they are days which we can claim as our own! When it comes time to recognize a loved one’s September birthday, Tobler’s Flowers is ready to create the gorgeous designs you expect.

September Ambassadors: The birthstone of September is the vivid blue sapphire, and the birth is the aster. Our professional team employs each of these as inspiration for some of the most unique birthday arrangements in Kansas City. Authentic “sapphire-blue” florals are unique and not as common as many other colors – but there are some s which perfectly express the brilliant shade. You can choose the blue delphinium, blue hydrangea, larkspur, or blue asters for gemstone inspired s and gifts.

Did You Know? The aster grows in a wide variety of colors, but the center is always yellow in color.

birthday arrangements

The aster is ideal as the September birth , as it  flourishes from late summer through early autumn. The aster closely resembles the sun and daisy, and showcases the same design – ray florets surrounding a disk center which is comprised of hundreds of tiny s. The aster grows in a wide variety of colors, but the center is always yellow in color.

Did You Know? The celestial color of the sapphire is also inherent in the logo of our favorite sports team. For the sports fan celebrating a birthday, go for the “Royals blue” for a birthday bouquet they won’t forget.

No matter your inspiration, and no matter the special occasion – the team of professionals Tobler’s Flowers are ready to take your call and design the perfect gift. In Kansas City, we are the florist to call for memorable September birthdays.

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