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Time to Upgrade to a Stylish and Adult BBQ Party – Here’s How

Summer is here which means it’s barbeque season! Backyard BBQs are an American tradition to celebrate patriotic holidays and being able to gather outside with friends and family for food, fun, and outdoor festivities. Instead of just another ordinary backyard… Read More about Time to Upgrade to a Stylish and Adult BBQ Party – Here’s How »
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Anticipate 4th of July Celebrations

With the arrival of the summer season comes the anticipation of 4th of July celebrations. For many of us, that means spending time with loved ones. Summer is a season of love, and the Independence Day holiday is a wonderful time to spend with that special someone. It is also a perfect time to choose just the right bouquet to showcase just how much the this person means to you. Why not let the creative floral designers at Tobler's Flowers work their magic to arrange the perfect centerpiece for your Independence Day celebration? Read More about Anticipate 4th of July Celebrations »
Posted by toblersflowers on June 21, 2019 | Last Updated: August 2, 2021 4th of July floral design Flowers Holidays Summer

Summer Flowers Have Officially Arrived

As the summer season begins, we are beckoned outdoors to experience nature in all her glory. Can’t you just hear the birds, feel the sun, and smell the beautiful summer s? An explosion of colors greets us in the summer outside. It’s time to bring the beauty indoors with colorful bouquets of s from Tobler's Flowers. Fresh s can make any part of your home feel like summer has officially arrived. The creative floral stylists at Tobler's Flowers have just the arrangement to add a little summer to your home décor. Read More about Summer Flowers Have Officially Arrived »
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Elegant All-White Flower Styles For Summer

Even though summer is coming to a close, we no longer need to feel the need to do away with white. This antiquated notion was once a very pragmatic rule. But in more recent years, it has actually become far more fashion-forward to break this rule and add white to your wardrobe or home. Try including a white wool throw blanket in your living room, or all white place settings at your next dinner party. Tobler’s Flowers invites you to choose from our white arrangements to lend a new essence of white to your favorite room, as well. Read More about Elegant All-White Flower Styles For Summer »
Posted by toblersflowers on August 19, 2018 | Last Updated: February 19, 2020 Flowers Summer

Suns For You And The Bees

Did you know the bee population is on the decline? Bees are dying out due to many environmental factors. Bees have played a vital role as pollinators of important crops, contributing to our world’s food sources. But now, bees are losing out and may eventually disappear. We can help on a local level simply by creating spaces in our yards that invite bees to work and live safely. Planting bright blooming s like suns, daisies, marigolds, and hydrangea are a great way to encourage bee growth in your garden. Provide shade and some fresh water and watch bees become regular visitors. No garden to speak of? Tobler’s Flowers encourages you to use whatever outdoor space you have, like a porch, patio, or balcony, to display bee-friendly s for our small friends. Read More about Suns For You And The Bees »
Posted by toblersflowers on August 12, 2018 Flowers Summer

Beautiful Flowers For A Beautiful Gathering

Summertime is ideal for hosting many formal dining events, from brunches to dinner parties. With warmer weather involved, these get-togethers can be moved outdoors for a fresh option, or stay indoors and bring the beauty of nature right to your table. You can add a high class luxury to your decor, or keep things simple and tasteful. With so many options to think about, let the floral artists at Tobler’s Flowers help you choose the s that work best with your choices of color and theme. We’ll work with you to create an ideal arrangement so you can focus your attention on other details. Read More about Beautiful Flowers For A Beautiful Gathering »
Posted by toblersflowers on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

A Peek At Summer’s Flowers

When it comes to the slide from spring into summer, it's a smooth one for florals. The two seasons share so many blooms in common, as if they conspired to make their half of the year the most dazzling, -wise. Toblers Flowers couldn't be more pleased with the fact that so many of spring's bloomers are also summer's, but we also recognize that it's easier to say goodbye to tulips when we have suns waiting in the wings. We like to look ahead to see what summer designs will look like, even if the s feel familiar to us because we've been enjoying them since March. Read More about A Peek At Summer’s Flowers »
Posted by toblersflowers on May 20, 2018 Flowers Summer

Bees, Butterflies & Flower Gardens

Which one of us hasn't followed a butterfly as it flitted about a garden? There is something fascinating about this delicate creature that is seemingly arbitrary in where it lands, yet we know that it is actually on a search for the brightest s and sweetest nectar. Or perhaps we have stood transfixed watching the busy work of a honeybee, seemingly oblivious to us while going about its important task for the day. Both of these industrious insects are critical to our ecosystem, and our lives are more interconnected than most of us know. This summer, how about creating gardens to attract both bees and butterflies, and in doing so, making our world just a little better. Tobler's Flowers is here to provide the colorful s that bees and butterflies will love. Won't I Get Stung? Experts tell us that honeybees hard at work almost never sting. The exception is if they are threatened, cornered, or harassed. Given their exceptionally important work - we rely on them for our world-wide food supply, after all - it is worth the effort to help them to thrive. Simply stand back and allow them to work without scaring them, and you shouldn't have any issues.  Read More about Bees, Butterflies & Flower Gardens »
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Summer Centerpieces & Decor for your Table

What is your idea of the perfect summer get-together? Whether it involves a picnic at the park or a garden party in your backyard, s are perfect for any special occasion. They add summer color, ambiance, and style to any gathering, and no party at this time of year should be without them. To add elegance or whimsy, call Tobler's Flowers for the best collection of summer centerpieces and floral party decor for your table. Keep Them Fresh! The summer sun can wilt s before your party is over - so be sure to add water, mist throughout the day, and keep in the shade whenever possible. If you aren't sure about the availability of shade cover, ask our floral experts about succulents or other hardy s that will withstand the heat.  Read More about Summer Centerpieces & Decor for your Table »
Posted by toblersflowers on June 15, 2017 | Last Updated: June 19, 2017 Flowers Summer