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A Delicious Secret Santa Gift

Secret Santa, the group gift swap so popular in the West, is a relatively new tradition. It began in the U.S. after a 20th century philanthropist set the standard, distributing $100 bills in the Kansas City streets. In reality, the idea has been around for a long time, imported from Scandinavia, where gift givers adopted the custom of knocking on their neighbors' doors, leaving a gift and vanishing before they could be identified. For all of Secret Santa's fun, the randomly-assigned giftee scenario can be a challenge when picking out a gift. Fortunately, we at Toblers Flowers can help. Read More about A Delicious Secret Santa Gift »
Posted by toblersflowers on November 30, 2017 Christmas

Holiday Bouquets & Gifts for Secret Santa

Tis the season for holiday celebration, festive parties, and Secret Santa. It is also the season of running through store aisle after store aisle, searching for the perfect gift. You want to give something beautiful and memorable, but everything seems like it has been done before. That is why the professionals at Tobler's Flowers are committed to offering you creative and colorful Christmas gifts for your Secret Santa that will make an impact, and make you look like a gift-giving champion. Flowers spread the holiday joy like no other gift - this year, take your gifts to the next level with these gorgeous holiday bouquets. Read More about Holiday Bouquets & Gifts for Secret Santa »
Posted by toblersflowers on December 6, 2016 | Last Updated: November 10, 2020 Christmas Flowers