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Posted by toblersflowers on April 28, 2016 Mother's Day

Tobler’s Flowers – Mother’s Day

Mother's DayThe ancient Greek and Romans honored their mothers in their ceremonies and rituals. In fact, mothers have held a place of prestige in family and society for millennia – however, the official recognition of Mother’s Day is only about 100 years old. The day was created by a woman named Anna Jarvis, who successfully saw the day named a national holiday in 1914 – oddly enough, in the latter years of her life, Ms. Jarvis fought to have the day removed from the calendar, citing that it had become too commercial. Although the day is an economic windfall for many industries, the sentiments behind the cards, gifts, dinners and s are still as heartfelt as ever.

Mother's DaySending s is a tradition on Mother’s Day; but this year, how about sending a bouquet that has deep significance? The language of s is well known by florists, but not as much by the general population – so here is a quick Mother’s Day guide to creating a gorgeous bouquet that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

  • Pink roses show your appreciation – and there is no one we appreciate more than Mom.
  • Gerbera daisies exude cheerfulness – to thank mom for all the times she made you smile.
  • Pink calla lilies express gratitude – for the years of devotion, she has shown.
  • Irises represent wisdom – to recognize all times she helped you solve your problems.
  • Pink tulips signify happiness – to tell her she gives you joy.
  • White chrysanthemums stand for true loyalty – as no one else will stand by you like Mom
  • Orchids speak to her grace and beauty – what a perfect gift for a lovely woman.

Mother's DayThis Mother’s Day, send a bouquet that reflects all she means to you. Call the experts at Toblers Flowers to schedule your delivery for the most special mom in the world – yours.