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Posted by toblersflowers on March 12, 2018 Flowers Spring

Traditional Tulips Are Beautiful For Spring

If there’s one thing we love about spring, it’s the bevy of glorious, traditional s that have come to be associated with it. And even if our gardens aren’t exactly bursting with them come March 21, we’ve got them cut and beautiful in the shop, ready to be worked into seasonal designs that will bring that spirit into your home or work space, too. Our Tobler’s designers love to work with a tulip especially, and we can prove it.

Sometimes tulips can look lush and full, at other times, they are sleek and elegant. It’s the latter effect we’ve gone for in our Rainbow Tulips design, which just shows the incredible range of effects spring’s s have. Purple tulips symbolize royalty, and indeed their regalness adds a lot of sophistication to this design (and that violet hue, as previously discussed, is huge this year). The pink-and-yellow tulips at a pop of fun, but also look handsome. And white hydrangea billows up, providing a soft bed for the sleeker blooms. 

This piece offers a lot of contrast, but it also showcases some of the season’s most beloved blooms. We are happy that the season of rebirth and renewal is here and welcome it with open hands—and are especially eager to use those hands to design some stunning seasonal pieces.