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Posted by flowermanager on April 9, 2018 Uncategorized

Acquaint Yourself With Desktop Awareness

After a long winter, it’s time to take stock of our work surfaces. We here at Tobler’s Flowers think it’s time to ask, “Is my desk being all it can be?” If the answer is no, we’re here to bring you a little desktop awareness.

If the work surfaces (including, but not limited to, conference tables, cubicles, reception areas, waiting tables and individual desks) in your business or company are looking dismal, cluttered or just totally bereft, it’s time for an inter-office overhaul. It’s time to refresh them with s and plants.

If you’ve got a sizeable space on your desk and perhaps a large monitor sitting square on it, place some leggy tulips right alongside and just try to look away. A rainbow of tulips is also wonderful when that desk is open to the rest of the room, as they can be seen from many angles. The lucky person who has these beauties sitting on their personal desk has just made their work area feel like instant Spring.

On the other hand, larger common spaces or spaces that are meant to hold many people in close proximity like a meeting room benefit tremendously from an orchid. The dramatic impact of these austere, rare-looking s is bold enough for a bigger room and fetching enough to draw the eyes of all of those within it.

Flowers make such a difference in our personal spaces, so it follows that they would have the same influence at work as well. Not only do they help clean the air and rid it of toxins, but they bring life and interest to a space that’s usually in dire need of it.