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Posted by toblersflowers on September 5, 2019 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Fall Flowers Flowers Plants

Add a Touch of Autumn With Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, are an essential autumn and one of the best ways to highlight the fall season in your garden or home. With winter coming just after fall, the multicolored varieties of chrysanthemums delight our senses and add a touch of autumn in our lives. No matter what your home décor or color scheme, there is a variety of mum to suit your needs. Let the experts at Tobler’s Flowers in the Kansas City area explain how you can successfully incorporate mums into your fall décor. These are the perfect blooms for providing vibrant color well after the summer season is over. Chrysanthemums are the perfect fall!

So Many Mums!

From the small, round button mums in shades of light and dark yellow to the larger moonbeam mum in white, there are mums with a variety of colorful blooms and textures so you can customize your indoor or outdoor fall decorations. Mums mirror the shades and hues of the vibrant fall leaves. Vivid oranges, deep bronzes, and bright yellows are just a few of the color choices available for mums, depending on the type you choose.

Anemones, a specific type of mum, can have single or multi petals and comes in colors from white to light pink to bright red and dark purple. There are also incurve mums that have medium length, thin petals that tend to overlap inward over the central disk. Often, these blooms curve downward and come in many different colors.

At Tobler’s Flowers, the In Love With Fall Bouquet features the ever-popular daisy mum in bright autumn orange, while our Fall Fantasy allows yellow spider mums to show off their lacy design.

Button Chrysanthemums

Anemone Chrysanthemum

Incurve Chrysanthemums

When to Plant Mums

In the Kansas City area, as the cooler days and longer nights of fall begin, the promise of a cold winter is just around the corner. There are many varieties of chrysanthemums that grow well in Kansas. To make sure the plants survive the winter, plant mums in the spring. By planting in the spring and allowing the plants to have the whole growing season your mums, in all their fall glory, will bloom in the late summer and early fall. Make sure to fertilize the plants well throughout the spring and summer, and plant in an area with full sun. This will allow the roots to mature so that you will have prodigious s when the fall season arrives.

In Love With Fall Bouquet

Fall Fantasy Bouquet

When fall arrives, you will be ready to tackle the holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving with mums, a quintessential part of decorating for autumn. The floral designers at Tobler’s Flowers are ready and waiting to provide guidance on color, texture, and style when choosing mums. Selecting large round blooms, small brightly colored s or specialty mums for a tabletop arrangement or a planter near the front door, lets neighbors and friends know that you are ready for fall!