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Posted by toblersflowers on August 8, 2017 | Last Updated: August 11, 2017 Flowers

Celebrate Just Because Day with Flowers

just because day

There are enough things in life that we have to do, wouldn’t it be great to have a day set aside only to do things we want to do?

Thankfully, there is. Just Because Day is one of those whimsical holidays that allows us to celebrate life, family, and fun – for no reason other than enjoying ourselves! At Tobler’s Flowers, we have spent years delivering s and seeing how much joy they bring. So on August 27, we encourage you to send s to people who have made your life better in so many ways. just because day

Here are some ways that you can incorporate s into Just Because Day –

* Start with yourself! Pick up some of your favorite s and fill your home with color and beauty.
* Send s to your Mom. Or sister. Or best friend.
* Carry a bouquet of daisies with you throughout the day and give individual stems to people you meet.
* Pick someone who has inspired you in your life, and send them some s with a handwritten note.
* Send a floral design to a teacher who helped shape your life, even if it has been decades since you were in school.
* Give a rose to someone you see every day who would never expect it – the cashier at the grocery store, for

just because day Of course, there are many ways that you can celebrate Just Because Day that don’t involve s as well. You may eat chocolate cake for dinner, or explore a nature trail you’ve never seen before. Compliment random strangers on the street, or buy the receptionist at your building a coffee. There are millions of opportunities each day to do something “just because” that will generate smiles, your own or someone else’s.

Tobler’s Flowers has the floral arrangements and bouquets that will brighten every day – no matter the reason. This August 27, let your imagination run wild and have some spontaneous fun – and don’t forget the s!