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Energize Your Home for the Holidays With These Bright Red Flowers

For an authentic way to freshen your home with festive decor for the holidays, choose red flowers! Their bold, warm colors will brighten any room. The flower professionals at Toblers Flowers, Kansas City’s premier florist, are sharing our favorite red winter blooms and why red is the best color for holiday festivities.

Look to these beautiful red blooms to brighten your home for the holiday season


The red amaryllis is a symbol of radiant beauty; this striking tall bloom represents strength and determination.


A simple yet stunning flowers with it bright red petals, the red anemone symbolizes love.


An exotic and tropical plant, the red anthurium bloom is a beautiful and unique symbol of happiness and hospitality.


This daisy-like bloom is a stunning symbol of undying devotion and is a popular flower in Greek mythology.


This subtle and pretty flower is a symbol of admiration for others.


The red mum symbolizes joy and beauty. It has come to be known as the “Queen of Fall Flowers,” and for good reason.


A real statement flower, the red dahlia is a symbol of commitment.

Gerbera Daisy

This bold and cheerful flower is the 5th most popular bloom in the world.


The supreme symbol of love and romance, the rose is an iconic bloom that is welcome in any season.


Perfect for holiday crafts, he bright red berries of winterberry (aka holly) symbolize winter and Christmas.

Why Is Red an Exciting Color Choice for Flowers?

Although colors have acquired unique meanings and values to humans throughout history. Red is one of if not the most significant colors with a past steeped in rich history. Red is one of the first colors perceived by infants at birth, and its rich natural abundance led to its use by prehistoric peoples and as one of the first dyes in antiquity. In the civilizations of antiquity, red came to symbolize status, representing power, wealth, and war. Over time red became more symbolic, gaining more secular and even religious meanings from love and beauty to even the blood of Christ.

Red is known for symbolizing some of the more powerful human emotions, such as anger, violence, love, passion, seduction, and danger. Here are a few more interesting facts about the color red:

  • Studies show men are more attracted to women who wear red and spend more money on them.
  • Red is the international color for “Stop.”
  • Red paired with green symbolizes Christmas in Western countries.
  • Red is one of the top two favorite colors of all people (blue is the other one).
  • Red is on 77% of all world flags, making it the most popular flag color.
  • Red symbolizes good luck in Asia and is the most popular color in China.
  • Red captures our attention as it’s one of the most visible colors.
  • Brides in India and Japan wear red gowns on their wedding day for luck and prosperity.

There’s no doubt about it – red is the color of life and love, and we’re quite certain that its encouraging and exciting energy and warmth will make it the perfect piece for livening up any winter or fall home.

What is the Red Christmas Flower Called?

It’s not possible to talk about fall and winter flowers without mentioning the most popular winter plant of them all. The poinsettia plant! A symbol of winter and the Christmas season, this red and green plant represents love, joy, hope, cheer, and goodwill. Plus, with the proper care, you can enjoy your poinsettia every winter.

Looking for a great way to spruce up your home for the holidays or to banish the winter doldrums?  You can’t go wrong with an amazing arrangement of festive red flowers! Check out our selection of gorgeous red blooms here at Toblers now.