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Posted by toblersflowers on October 20, 2019 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Fall Flowers Flowers Plants

Enjoy Seasonal Porch Displays Throughout Fall

Your front porch welcomes visitors to your home. Bring the feeling of fall to your porch with fun autumn decorations. The vibrant oranges, yellows and golds of the season showcase the lovely blooms and potted plants of autumn. Marigolds and mum are just two varieties of all blooms that invite others to take a closer look.

The floral experts at Toblers Flowers in Kansas City have some excellent options to make your fall decorating easy and fun. They work hard to make your decorating needs both entertaining and easy. By updating your front porch to reflect the fall season, you may be inspired to add autumn colors to other areas of your home! Check out these ideas to add beauty and freshness to your newly decorated front porch.

Best Fall Flowers and Plants for the Season?

Suns and Pumpkins

Bring a fresh feel to your entire home when you choose to display seasonal-specific s on your front porch. Some of the best fall s and plants love being outside and will look great on your porch this season. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Chrysanthemums- The essential fall , mums come in many colors and sizes from button mums to large sombrero mums. Add individual blooms to your outdoor planters or fill a container to overflowing with these colorful fall s.
  • Marigolds- Another fall favorite, marigolds are hardy s with long-lasting blooms. Choose from vivid orange or deep burgundy to give just the right pop of color to your front porch.
  • Suns- With their bold, bright petals and dark center, these s remind us of early fall days before the harvest. Suns can be the focal point of your decorations.
  • Kalanchoe- This bright is easy to care for and will last throughout the season. Our lovely potted Kalanchoe Plant that will make a perfect addition to your fall display.

Decorating Ideas for Smaller Porches

Small Porch Decor

Even if your front porch is more of a front stoop, you can still include tons of fall style and decor. Specifically, play with height and the dimensions you do have. Stack, hang and cluster for fun fall looks that won’t overwhelm. Here are some great tips to try for a smaller porch setting:

  • Hanging Flower Baskets: Hardy enough for fall’s cooler temperatures, Pansies look great cascading over a basket hanging for the porch eaves. Pansies come in many colors to enhance the look of your small front porch.
  • Textured Containers: Whether you choose a wooden crate, a large stone jar or wicker basket, for a small porch, select one container to be the focal point of your fall porch display. Our Kalanchoe Garden, with brightly colored kalanchoe plants and greenery nestled in a wicker backet, adds that special touch to a smaller front porch.
  • Garland Arch: Instead of a long garland which might overwhelm a small porch, create an arch to invite others into your home. Choose your color pallet and select plants and s that make autumn come alive.
  • Flower Boxes: If you already use boxes on your front porch, consider sprucing up the box when you change the s. A new coat of paint in a neutral, fall shade will showcase the deep colors of autumn.

Accent Your Front Door with Garlands and Wreaths

Front Door Displays

For many houses, the door is the focal point of the front porch. Keep the front door as your focus by optimizing the use of sweeping garlands and large wreaths. Try including a few unexpected details to make your décor both inspiring and inviting.

  • Corn husk garlands: Dried corn husks make a great neutral background for other fall items. Placing small gourds or pine cones on the husks keep the natural feel of the garland. You can also add sprigs of autumn joy sedum to bring a pop of color to your garland.
  • Twig Wreath: Intertwined twigs look lovely against any door, especially one that is brightly painted. Add a few dried s or other natural plants such as crisp apples or fall leaves to enhance your door’s spotlight presence on the front porch.
  • Garland Arch Over the Front Door: Instead of a long garland, create an arch to invite others into your home. Choose your color pallet and select plants and s that make autumn come alive.
  • Green Wreaths: Made of greenery such as ferns or evergreen branches, it is easy to add color by including items of one color. To showcase the bright orange of the season, you can add miniature pumpkins to the wreath. Add bunches of small marigolds in shades of yellow to the wreath to add warmth to your fall porch decorations.

Making your front porch a focus of your neighborhood and encouraging a bit of friendly decorating competition with your neighbors brings a sense of purpose to the new season. Send a potted mum or marigold to your neighbor to start off their own decorations. The floral experts at Toblers Flowers in the Kansas City area would be happy to help you design an autumn front porch that is both warm and colorful.