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Posted by toblersflowers on September 9, 2023 Uncategorized

Every Spooky Flower Arrangement Needs These Five Things

The chill in the air, the creaking of floorboards, and the haunting call of the wind – there’s no doubt that it’s time for Halloween! Here at Toblers Flowers, the premier flower shop in Kansas City, MO, we are helping you transform your home into a ghostly manor filled with sinister elegance and haunting arrangements. From eerie blooms, like black roses and white spider mums, and a world of unexpected textures paired with mysterious seasonal elements, your wickedly enchanting décor will be the talk of the graveyard. Don’t be afraid to stray far from the ordinary cute spooks of the season and venture deep into the dark woods where spellbinding splendor awaits.

Vase Choices

Dive into the world of nightmarish vases if you dare. From grimacing jack-o-lanterns and bewitched cauldrons and eerie skulls or cobwebbed teapots, each strange and unusual vessel tells a tale of terror. You can also explore the sinister side of elegance with traditional vases in deep and subdued autumnal hues that weave an air of mystique, such as muted shades of green, gray, black, or burgundy.

Deep & Dark Colored Blooms

Black, dark, and mysterious blooms are the stars of any haunted floral showpiece. From the velvety black baccara roses to the rich purple calla lilies and blood-red amaranthus, there’s a world of eerie elegance to explore… if you dare. Keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected, like brown, red, or burgundy sunflowers, that can add a unique twist to an otherwise sunny symbol of peace and happiness. Whether embraced year-round or just during spooky season, these blooms cast a spellbinding shadow perfect for any haunted mansion decor.

Light & Ghostly Colored Blooms

Drastic contrasting shades paint the most haunting pictures, and what better way to create such an image than with Halloween flowers? White ranunculus and quicksand roses glide like phantoms amongst a collection of dark blooms, while white spider mums and dusty miller send a frosty chill down your spine. When used sparingly and with an artistic flair, these white stems dance, twirl, and float, creating visions of restless spirits hovering over a graveyard.

Fall Accents

When creating a spooky floral arrangement, it’s the seasonal autumn elements that truly bring the magic of the season to life – or death. Incorporate purple filler flowers for a dash of Halloween color, scabiosa pods to add rigid texture, and twigs or branches for a haunted forest feel. Don’t forget dried flowers, which infuse the arrangement with a vintage, time-worn elegance, and a feather or two, reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”

Halloween Elements

Unleash the full power of Halloween with classic spooky accessories to complement your flower arrangement. Think skeleton hands reaching up from the grave, a witch’s companion, black cats lurking nearby, and spiders stringing their sinister webs. Wherever you display it- on a table, mantel, or countertop – this horrifying combination of petals and tokens will breathe a touch of eerie life into your haunted mansion decor.

Add some fresh fall blooms from Toblers Flowers to your haunted mansion for a truly spooky Halloween look.