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Posted by toblersflowers on April 16, 2018 Earth Day Plants Spring

A Garden That Grows For Earth Day

You may not be able to cultivate your own garden for Earth Day, but we’ve got the next best thing here at Tobler’s Flowers.

April 22 is a global celebration of the Earth, focusing our attention on how to care for and preserve it, how to improve the quality of life on it, and, of course, how best to honor it. It’s a time to take stock of our abundant natural resources and riches, and in the latter’s case, we’re turning our attention to our planet’s beautiful s and plants.

One of the best ways to celebrate the planet and to feel as though we’re doing something to support it in our own patch of the world is to grow a garden. That’s not always possible, though (nor seasonable), so the next best thing is to grow a mini one right in your home. Our Dish Garden In Box is the perfect scale and will get everybody in the house involved in growing something green. Because this is a mix, there’s a lot of variety in texture and color, making it an especially fun design to maintain.

Put this beauty somewhere special for Earth Day and allow it to remind you just how important our planet is all year long.