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Posted by toblersflowers on December 11, 2023 | Last Updated: December 22, 2023 Flowers Valentine's Day

Get a Wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift for Him at Your Local Flower Shop

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a date on the calendar; it’s a celebration of love, a time to acknowledge the special individuals we hold dear. This year, seize the moment to surprise the man in your life with an unexpected token that he’s sure to cherish – fresh green houseplants and bold, brilliant blooms. If you believe flowers are an odd gift choice for men, think again. According to the Society of American Florists, 60% of men would love to receive a bouquet of flowers! However, polls reveal that only 12% of men are ever gifted flowers throughout their lifetime. While putting a fresh spin on Valentine’s Day this year, you also might notice that your guy begins to communicate more openly, stand closer to you, make more direct eye contact, and overall strengthen your relationship. The experts at Toblers Flowers, the best florist in Kansas City, are excited to guide you through our curated collection of the most meaningful botanical gifts for men.

Green Houseplants

Green plants are a popular gift choice for all men, especially those who embrace the ruggedness of the great outdoors. With vibrant leaves and air-purifying abilities, plants are a natural way to reduce stress, inspire happiness, and improve overall well-being. Nothing says “I love and care for you” like a green plant.


If your man doesn’t have much free time, a no-fuss plant is the best choice. Consider a low-maintenance succulent he can display on his desk at work or on a side table in his living room. Small yet stylish and symbols of resilience, succulents act as a reminder of your love that can withstand all the challenges, twists, and turns life tosses your way.

Flowering Plants

Blooming plants offer the same benefits as green houseplants but with an added touch of beauty and color. One of our favorite flowering plants is the white orchid. It transforms any setting into a tranquil, peaceful, and calming environment, perfect for releasing tension and anxiety. When properly cared for, white orchids can last a long time and continue to rebloom year after year, proving that with a little TLC, your love can flourish for years to come.

Bright Blooms

Selecting the best and brightest blooms for your man is easy. Warm his heart with reds, oranges, and yellows to represent the love, romance, passion, creativity, excitement, positivity, and happiness that he brings to your life. Whether his favorite stems, flowers that take you back to a special date night or memory, or tropical blooms that offer unique shapes and textures, there are so many designs to appeal to his own style.

Red Roses

It’s hard to imagine Valentine’s Day without the luxurious and iconic red roses. The world’s favorite flower is also a universal symbol of love, romance, desire, beauty, and admiration, making it an ideal gift for your sweetheart. Whether for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, or crush, you can never go wrong with gifting a bouquet of sensational red roses on Valentine’s Day.

Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your number-one guy at Toblers Flowers. With professional advice and personalized recommendations, you’ll surprise your man with something truly thoughtful and meaningful.