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Posted by toblersflowers on July 22, 2019 | Last Updated: August 2, 2021 Back to School floral design Flowers Plants

Getting Your Freshman Ready for College Life

As August approaches, your new college student is both excited and nervous. Moving to college and starting a new life in a dorm or apartment is a big deal! There are so many questions! What can you bring? What should you buy? Will I have what I need? When your student is moving away from home for the first time, there are certain items that all students need. Things such as bedding, desk accessories and extra lighting are essential. But what else does your student need? The designers at Toblers Flowers have created a list of essential products to ensure that your student has a fun and functional dorm room or apartment.


gourmet snack basket

Gifts That Show You Care

Reminders of How Much You Care Moving off the college can be fun and exciting but also a little scary. Your college freshman needs to know that they are special. Toblers Flowers has several options that will make your student feel special and loved.



For the student who loves food, the Gourmet Basket Delight will be very popular. Filled with cookies, candy, chips and nuts, ins a reusable wicker basket, your student will delight in the bounty of snacks. There is even enough to share with their roommate.


Pitter-patter colorful bouquet




To bring color to the dorm room, why not send the Pitter Patter arrangement with vivid s in several hues, encased in four tiny milk bottles ties with a polka dot ribbon.



variety of succulents in black planter

Finally, popular succulents are easy to care for. Toblers Flowers’ Succulent Garden has a variety of plants to add greenery to any dorm room.

Useful Gifts

Wireless Printer For most students new to college, a wireless printer will be a life saver! With research papers, essays and projects due in many classes, having the ability to print multiple copies of work will keep your freshman on track! A wireless printer will allow your new college student to print from a laptop, tablet or even cell phone.

Step stool Having a stool to make sure that you have access to all areas of the dorm room is essential for decorating your space. Storing your things in the upper level of your closet, hanging posters and even changing light bulbs will be so much easier when you are able to use a step stool. In a pinch, a step stool can also be used as bedside table or quick seating for a room full of guests.

Laundry Backpack Want to make laundry in a dorm or apartment a little easier? A laundry backpack will provide ample space for clothing in the large cinched bag while also providing space for laundry detergent and dryer balls. Your student can use the straps to wear their laundry, making transport to the laundry room quick and easy.

White Noise Machine While living in a dorm can be exciting and fun, there are times that your student needs sleep. Often, a dorm is active and noisy around the clock. A white noise machine can provide a calming, quiet environment that will allow your freshman to get the rest they need by blocking noise from the hallways or inside the room. Great for those afternoon naps too!

Going off to college and moving away from home for the first time is both an exhilarating and an anxiety-producing experience. Make sure your freshman knows they have your love and support. The experts at Toblers Flowers can help you create a dorm room that is both fun and functional and can help ease the transition. But don’t forget to take care of your student’s heart as well.