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Posted by toblersflowers on December 16, 2019 | Last Updated: November 10, 2020 Flowers

Plants for Winter – Green Vs. Blooming Plants

Are you looking to add some plants to your home this winter? Tobler’s Flowers delivers stunning arrangements and live plants throughout Kansas City all year long. Several of our plants that grow in winter are great gift ideas or give you the option to bring some nature into your own home.

As you shop for seasonal winter plants, you’ll need to decide between evergreen plants and blooming plants. Both can brighten up a home in the midst of a gloomy winter. Here is a closer look at some of the hardy bulbs and plants that thrive in the cold for you to consider.

Boxwood, Pine, and Berries

Go Green with Boxwood

If you’re looking for a green plant to brighten your home, boxwood is a popular choice. This small bush grows well indoors and out, and it stays vibrant green even in cold weather. It’s one of the best plants for winter gardens but also makes an excellent houseplant.

Pothos Plant

Choose Pothos for Another Green Option

Pothos is another popular winter plant that is known for its leaves, not flowers. This trailing vine is beautiful in a hanging pot, and it can be trained to climb as well. It thrives throughout the winter, and it will survive if you forget to water it on occasion.

The hardy nature of pothos is part of the reason for its popularity, especially with those who are dabbling in houseplants for the first time. It comes in several shades of green, often with white or yellow marbling on the leaf.

Christmas Cactus In Ceramic Pot

Embrace Green and Color with Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus gives you the best of both worlds. For its blooming season, this plant brings brilliant red into your space. Time the bloom carefully by keeping it in complete darkness 15 hours a day for the eight weeks before you want it to bloom. When it’s not in bloom, the Christmas cactus is a hardy evergreen. It will look great in your home no matter the season. The succulent-like leaves are not quite a cactus, in spite of its name, but are still quite attractive.

Caring for a Christmas cactus is quite simple. Just give it water when the top inch of soil is dry, and it will grow well for years to come. You can even pass on cuttings to family members to spread the beauty of this popular winter plant.

Blooming Poinsettia Plant

Opt for Brilliant Color with Poinsettias

The bold red or white leaves of the poinsettia plant are often mistaken for flowers, but they are in fact the plant’s foliage. Still, if you want to add color, not green, this is a great holiday plant to consider. Pair it with some flowers, like you will find in Blooming Poinsettia Basket, for a brilliant display.

The poinsettia is well known as a holiday plant. The red and green leaves embrace the signature colors of the season. Yet this plant is something you can enjoy all winter long, especially if you need some vibrant color in your home.

When bringing poinsettias into your home, be cautious. These plants are poisonous to your pets, so keep them out of reach.

Premium Azalea

Add Subtle Color with White Azaleas

If you want to add some color, but not quite as much brilliance as a poinsettia, consider an azalea. Azaleas come in many hues, but the white blooms of Premium Azalea add a delicate brightness to your home in winter.

Azaleas are quite hardy when grown indoors in the cooler season. They need light, but not direct sun, and require moist soil at all times. As long as you provide these two needs, you’ll get a long blooming season from your azalea plant.

Find the Right Winter Plants Today

Brightening up your home in the winter starts with the right plant selection. The wide variety of plants at Tobler’s Flowers makes it easy. Start shopping today to find the right choice for your home’s winter display.