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Posted by toblersflowers on February 19, 2024 Fall Flowers floral design Flowers

The Unsung Heroines & Heros Who Truly Deserve Flowers This Women’s Day

There’s something special about sending flowers on March 8th. After all, it’s International Women’s Day! Mimosa flowers have an amazing legacy of representing sensibility and strength, making them the iconic go-to for IWD. However, your favorite spring stems, like peonies, tulips, and gerbera daisies, are also 100% appropriate for celebrating and honoring this day, especially if they are purple, green, and white. This particular colorway symbolizes justice, loyalty, hope, and purity and has become the official palette for IWD. After you’ve fallen in love with the perfect bouquet at Toblers Flowers, the best florist in Kansas City, then what? Who are the exceptional women and allies rooting for you and deserve to receive such blooming gifts?

Female Family Members

First, send some love to your grandmas, moms, sisters, aunts, and cousins — the original girl squad! Since day one, they have been impacting your life in some of the best ways possible. The women in your family are absolute powerhouses, juggling careers, caregiving, and holding everything together in the most magical way. So, on IWD, send them some love powered by flowers to show your appreciation and admiration. In the digital age, sending fresh blooms is one of our favorite ways to stay connected because no matter where you are, it’s an “I love you, and I’m thinking about you” message that keeps the family vibes strong.

Your Biggest Supporters

IWD is about more than celebrating amazing women; it’s also a chance to recognize your most supportive friends and allies who’ve stood by your side. The people in your corner are like your personal cheer squad, always pushing you to reach for the stars and hyping you to be your best self. Allies who champion the women in their lives are the true advocates for equality. So, brighten their IWD with brilliant blooms, too, and celebrate love, unity, and inclusivity.

Mentors and Teachers

If you think back to your school days, you’ll likely remember that one mentor or teacher who was more than just an instructor — they were your absolute favorite! Whether they made learning fun, gave out the best candy, played fun games with the class, or just inspired you to try new things, they most likely left an impression that has lasted long after graduation. To thank them for sharing their profound wisdom and empowering you to smash through glass ceilings, send them the best floral bouquet you can find! Flowers on IWD will be a beautiful way to celebrate their pivotal role in shaping your personal and professional growth.

Inspiring Co-Workers

If you have co-workers that make you excited to go to work (I mean, the Sunday scaries? What are those?), then, my friend, you have hit the jackpot! Never underestimate the power of strong, determined, and motivating colleagues. They bring positive vibes and the drive to go above and beyond and are, of course, someone you confide in, whether you’re rolling your eyes together during a meeting that certainly should have been an email or you need a second pair of eyes on a massive project. IWD is the time to celebrate these incredible women and allies at work, thanking them for making your 9-5 more than “just a job.”


Why shower yourself with flowers on IWD? Because flowers are an instant good vibe, because self-care is your middle name, and because you deserve them! You’ve got a world of reasons to celebrate YOU, and sending a stunning bouquet to yourself is like a self-worth celebration. It’s a declaration of independence and self-esteem that ignites a fire within you. Make it your new IWD tradition, and enjoy some serious self-love and bright blooms!

Whether it’s your idol or an ally, set the tone on IWD with sensational stems from Toblers Flowers. It’s your time to give back and show these incredible people just how extraordinary they truly are.

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