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Posted by toblersflowers on June 29, 2016 Summer

A Ruby July Birthday

july birthdayJuly is a time for parties and relaxation – so those celebrating July birthdays were born in the perfect month! If you are looking to give a gift that is both beautiful and meaningful, s that have special symbolism for this month are a fantastic choice.

Birthstones are a great way to recognize the unique birthday of your loved ones. Birthstones are thought to have originated thousands of years ago in Jewish culture; when the priests would wear breastplates adorned with 12 gemstones representing the 12 tribes of Israel. Throughout the centuries, the gemstones were attributed with many properties, both spiritual and mystical. The ruby was considered to be the “king of stones”, and was coveted by emperors and queens. The ruby was thought to bring prosperity, wealth and health to those who wore it; it was also considered a talisman against evil spirits, disease, and ill fortune.

july birthday july birthday

While giving rubies to your loved ones for their birthday may not be practical, the experts at Tobler’s would be excited to use their creative eye and skilled hands to create an artistic rendering of the gemstone – in s! Rich red roses, gerbera daisies, and carnations are popular ruby blooms that will result in a luxurious and opulent arrangement.

In ancient times, people believed that carrying the appropriate gemstone (no matter if it was their birthday or not) would infuse the properties of that stone into their lives. This beautiful bouquet of all jewel tone gerbera daisies is the perfect way to celebrate the spectrum of gems, including the ruby! If you have a special request, a favorite or unique recipient, give us a call! Our floral designers at Toblers Flowers are skilled at taking into account all the personality of our customers, and creating a bouquet that sends the perfect message.