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Send a Sweet Sentiment to Your Family This Valentine’s Day

There can be many loves in your life, from family members to dear friends. Celebrate your appreciation for these loved ones on Valentine’s Day with a gift to show them how much they mean to you. A perfect gift for loved ones, whether it’s your romantic partner, sibling, parent, or grandparent, is a fresh bouquet of flowers. Our floral experts here at Toblers Flowers, the top florist in Kansas City, are offering the ultimate guide to floral gift-giving to help you make your family feel special this Valentine’s Day. With a bright and beautiful flower arrangement, warm their hearts and spread love.

Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Sentiment

Gifts for Your Father or Grandfather

Surprise a father figure this Valentine’s Day with the brilliant gift of a bouquet of bold flowers. Instead of a typical gift like a tie or golf balls, show your love for your father, grandfather, or father-in-law with blooms that are sure to bring a smile to their face. Some of the best flowers for men are ones with large hardy stems like sunflowers, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies.

Gifts for Your Mother or Grandmother

Show a maternal figure your love and consideration this Valentine’s Day with beautiful and graceful blooms. While they may be receiving romantic red roses from their partners, they are sure to love the symbolism of admiration, purity, thoughtfulness, and elegance found in the majestic petals of white, pink, and lavender-colored flowers. In fact, the flowers with the strongest symbolism and ties to a mother’s undying love are pink carnations, making them an ideal gift for any mother this Valentine’s Day.

Gifts for Your Brother

The sibling bond with a brother is often a unique and special bond. What better way to honor this brotherly love than with a fun and meaningful bloom to brighten their lives. Incredible and appropriate plants for brothers include fun tropical flowers like birds of paradise and orchids or hardy office plants like succulents.

Gifts for Your Sister

Sisters are important family members that were always there for us while we were growing up and continue to have our backs. A great way to honor this meaningful sibling bond is with a bright and graceful arrangement of flowers. The best colors for symbolizing friendship with a sister are pastel blooms like yellow or peach. These colors can be found in flowers ranging from roses and carnations to daisies and lilies and represent friendship, positivity, lightheartedness, and appreciation.

Gifts for Your Partner

With a holiday so focused on love and romance, it is important to do something your partner will cherish and remember. Red roses are timeliness and the most romantic flowers to show your love. However, we love to see the increasingly popular gift of white roses or stargazer lilies mixed into classic bouquets, as these flowers are also known for symbolizing romance, passion, love, purity, innocence, and elegance. Pair any beautiful blooms with another sweet and meaningful gift like jewelry, a book, or tickets for a night out together to plan the best Valentine’s Day with your significant other.

A gift fit for any occasion, flowers are an ideal way to show someone how much you love them in a personalized way. The various sizes and styles also make flowers the perfect Valentine’s gift for any budget. This Valentine’s Day, find the perfect flowers for your loved ones from your most trusted Kansas City florist, Toblers Flowers.

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