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Posted by toblersflowers on March 26, 2018 Easter Plants

A Splendid Basket To Give For Easter

How do you bring a garden into your home during a season that emphasizes the garden so much? Easy, you put it into a basket. You take as much living green as you can, and you put it in something that has long been associated with comfort and plenty, since ancient times in fact, when farmers would bring their spring seedlings to be blessed at the church in baskets. Here at Tobler’s Flowers, we love designing right into a basket. It adds texture and a rustic feeling to even the most elegant grouping of s.

We love the idea of giving something a little different to our Easter dinner hosts but that still takes advantage of the best of the season’s offerings from the garden, introducing a little green and tying into the spirit of rebirth that the season is so associated with. Our Splendid Planter is just this item, a dish garden just chock full of plants, brimming with them just as much as the classic Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies and Peeps. 

This basket may be metal, but it reproduces that wicker look that offers such a comfortable feeling and stays in the mood of Easter. Use this as a centerpiece on the Easter table or simply use it to bring some green into your space.