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Posted by toblersflowers on November 10, 2017 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Fall Flowers Thanksgiving

Statement Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

You may think that at Thanksgiving, it’s the food that does the talking. There’s your centerpiece dish – turkey, ham, barbecue ribs (no judgment here) – and then there are the satellite items everyone contributes: your aunt’s delicious yams, your sister’s perfect pecan pie. There’s no question that food is a host’s top consideration on Thanksgiving, but Toblers Flowers would like to issue this gentle PSA: it’s all about the s.

Holiday centerpieces are bigger and better than ever, available in a range of seasonally-appropriate hues, full of texture but done with a modern twist. Look for interesting elements – feathers, grasses – and shapes to make a striking appearance this year.

We’ll show you what we mean. Check out our Bursting with Thanks piece. Loaded with personality, this design suggests abundance and the fruits of the harvest without being too literal about it, using a range of s in colors that stay within that Fall palette but aren’t entirely beholden to it. This cluster of unique blooms feels special, and the wooden planter not only gives it that high-low appeal, it adds a touch of the rustic to the table.

Another way to make a statement on your table this year is through a Tabletop Trio. Our version is light, airy, seasonal and graceful. When you use one centerpiece item in the center of the table, the guests at the ends of it can feel a little left out of the floral fun. With three separate smaller pieces, you can also adorn buffet tables, if you’ve styled Thanksgiving that way, pulling an entire room together.

Take a look at all that’s on offer when it comes to Thanksgiving centerpieces these days, and give us a call if we can help you design your pick.