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Sweetest Day – A Century of Sweet Gestures

By toblersflowers on October 4, 2017 in Holidays, Sweetest Day. 0 Comments

In the early 1900's, a young man by the name of Herbert Kingston had an idea. He worked in a candy company in Cleveland, and thought that giving away chocolates to the poor, orphaned and elderly would go a long way to telling those people that they mattered and were not forgotten. His idea inspired the company executives, who agreed to giving away over 25,000 boxes of chocolate, resulting in the first Sweetest Day. Within 5 years, the day had become a regional celebration, and had spread as far as New York State, who made it an official holiday. Through the years, the observance has evolved into a day which encourages acts of kindness for those who need a smile. Tobler's Flowers has the flowers, chocolates and gifts perfect to spread happiness throughout Kansas City this October 21.  Read More about Sweetest Day – A Century of Sweet Gestures

Unique & Beautiful Fall Floral Designs

By toblersflowers on October 2, 2017 in Fall Flowers, floral design. 0 Comments

One of the things we love most about fall is all the diversity in nature - in the colors, the textures, the flowers and the leaves. When creating fall floral designs, our experts are inspired by all of the beauty around us. Whether designing a classic centerpiece, or a whimsical, fantastical arrangement - we love the warmth and inviting ambiance evidenced through autumn elements. What can we design for you?  Read More about Unique & Beautiful Fall Floral Designs

Recognizing Kansas City’s Best Boss

By toblersflowers on September 20, 2017 in Corporate Gifts. 0 Comments

With American adults investing nearly one-third of their waking hours into the workplace, it is no surprise that a bad boss - or a great one - can have a major impact on overall happiness and fulfillment. There are 11 million bosses in this country, and they represent a wide range of personalities and styles. However, experts say that the best bosses share a few character traits which allow them to rise above the rest. On October 16, we set aside a day to honor those bosses who work hard every day to create a positive and productive work environment for everyone. If you believe that you have the best boss in Kansas City, turn to Tobler's Flowers for innovative and unique gifts t show your appreciation.  Read More about Recognizing Kansas City’s Best Boss

Autumn Flowers & Seasonal Home Decor

By toblersflowers on September 18, 2017 in Fall Flowers. 0 Comments

The arrival of fall always inspires a bit of anticipation, as people look forward to cooler temperatures, football season, and pumpkin spice lattes. The changing fall foliage has everyone's attention, as bright colors cover the landscape; brilliance exhibited both on the trees and in the autumn flowers. Whether you prefer arrangements in fiery yellows and oranges, or designs in deep red jewel tones - Tobler's Flowers is the place to call for all your fall floral needs. From an October birthday to a holiday centerpiece, we've got all that you need.  Read More about Autumn Flowers & Seasonal Home Decor

Flowers & Plants to Welcome New Neighbors

By toblersflowers on September 8, 2017 in Housewarming Gifts. 0 Comments

Each year, approximately 15% of  Americans will relocate and move into a new home. This number encompasses between 40 and 50 million people, meaning that you will likely encounter new neighbors sometime soon. Tobler's Flowers has an entire inventory of ideas as for floral arrangements, plants and gifts that will help to make your new neighbors feel welcome. When Did Housewarming Gifts Originate? Before the advent of electricity, it was commonplace for family and friends to stop by someone's new home, bearing one very specific gift - firewood! The gift was meant to literally keep the house warm over the long winter. In modern times, although gift ideas may have changed, the intent of housewarming is still to convey comfort, warmth and a welcoming air.  Read More about Flowers & Plants to Welcome New Neighbors

Tips for Choosing Homecoming Flowers

By toblersflowers on August 30, 2017 in Homecoming & Prom. 0 Comments

Homecoming weekend is full of memories, traditions and fun, and homecoming flowers play a  beautiful part in the festivities! Whether you need flowers for the football player's moms, for the homecoming court, or for the formal dance, you can find the most beautiful homecoming flowers in Kansas City at Tobler's Flowers. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect piece for the big weekend.  Read More about Tips for Choosing Homecoming Flowers

September Inspiration for Birthday Arrangements

By toblersflowers on August 20, 2017 in Birthdays. 0 Comments

Holidays hold a special place in our heart, as we collect many lifelong memories celebrating with friends and family. But birthdays are much more personal and meaningful - they are days which we can claim as our own! When it comes time to recognize a loved one's September birthday, Tobler's Flowers is ready to create the gorgeous designs you expect. September Ambassadors: The birthstone of September is the vivid blue sapphire, and the birth flower is the aster. Our professional team employs each of these as inspiration for some of the most unique birthday arrangements in Kansas City.  Read More about September Inspiration for Birthday Arrangements

Celebrate Just Because Day with Flowers

By toblersflowers on August 8, 2017 in Flowers. 0 Comments

There are enough things in life that we have to do, wouldn't it be great to have a day set aside only to do things we want to do? Thankfully, there is. Just Because Day is one of those whimsical holidays that allows us to celebrate life, family, and fun - for no reason other than enjoying ourselves! At Tobler's Flowers, we have spent years delivering flowers and seeing how much joy they bring. So on August 27, we encourage you to send flowers to people who have made your life better in so many ways.  Read More about Celebrate Just Because Day with Flowers

Romantic Floral Arrangements

By toblersflowers on August 2, 2017 in Love and Romance. 0 Comments

If you feel a little extra love in the air this month, it could be because August is National Romance Month. This celebration gives you the ideal excuse to lavish your significant other with unexpected gestures of affection and romance. After all, your love is year-round, so why should you wait until Valentine's Day to be romantic? The floral designers at Tobler's Flowers has been helping would-be Romeos and die-hard romantics in Kansas City for over 100 years - and we have seen a lot of true love during that time. We are here with the ideas, inspiration and romantic flower arrangements you'll need to sweep your sweetheart off their feet.  Read More about Romantic Floral Arrangements