Corsages & Boutonnieres

Complete your ensemble with a corsage, wristlet or boutonniere.

Favorites in Corsages & Boutonnieres

The last touch to your prom or homecoming ensemble is a perfectly coordinated corsage or boutonniere. Let us create a custom design for you and your date when you call us directly. Sending or wearing wearable flowers like corsages and boutonnieres from Toblers Flowers in Kansas City, MO, is a timeless and elegant way to add a touch of natural beauty to any special occasion. Whether it's for a prom, wedding, formal dance, or any significant event, these floral accessories serve as a symbol of celebration and distinction. Toblers Flowers, known for its exquisite floral designs and attention to detail, creates wearable flowers that stand out for their beauty, craftsmanship, and ability to complement any attire.

Opting for corsages and boutonnieres from Toblers Flowers means choosing from a wide variety of fresh, vibrant flowers, expertly arranged to match your style and preferences. The skilled florists at Toblers can customize these wearable floral pieces to coordinate with event themes or personal tastes, ensuring that every corsage and boutonniere is as unique as the individual wearing it. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of roses, the delicate beauty of orchids, or the vibrant charm of daisies, Toblers Flowers guarantees quality and satisfaction.

Wearing a corsage or boutonniere from Toblers Flowers enhances your outfit and connects you to the tradition and joy of the occasion. It's a way to celebrate life's most memorable moments with a touch of nature's beauty, making them even more unforgettable. Whether you're sending a corsage to a loved one for a special event or selecting a boutonniere for yourself, Toblers Flowers in Kansas City, MO, is dedicated to providing floral pieces that elevate your celebration.

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