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Posted by toblersflowers on October 15, 2020 | Last Updated: October 27, 2020 Fall Flowers Flowers Holidays Thanksgiving

🦃 Thanksgiving Decor Tips, Fun Facts, and Floral Inspiration 🍁

Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays of the year. You get to indulge in an enormous amount of food, spend time with loved ones, and even take a nap if you so desire. It’s a day where you get to catch up with friends and family, watch football or movie marathons, and give thanks for the good things in your life. Plus, it’s the start of the holiday season that leads up to Christmas and ends with New Year’s. Here at Toblers Flowers, we’d like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. While you’re here, peruse all of our Thanksgiving posts we’ve put out over the years. You’ll discover decorating tips, fabulous centerpieces, fascinating Thanksgiving facts, and more. Enjoy!

Gifts That Are Sure to Please Your Thanksgiving Host or Hostess

If you’ve been invited to celebrate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving at someone else’s home, don’t forget to show them your gratitude with a hostess gift.

Statement Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

You may think that at Thanksgiving, it’s the food that does the talking. There’s your centerpiece dish – turkey, ham, barbecue ribs (no judgment here) – and then there are the satellite items everyone contributes: your aunt’s delicious yams, your sister’s perfect pecan pie.

Thanksgiving Traditions and Celebrations

For over 100 years, Tobler’s Flowers has been a tradition in the Kansas City area, and we have had the honor of helping many of you to decorate your homes and holiday tables for these special occasions.

Gratitude, Shown

Now that Thanksgiving has arrived, it’s time to take stock of the things and the people we’re most thankful for in our lives. At Tobler’s Flowers, we are incredibly thankful for our dedicated team of professionals.

A Modern Centerpiece for a Modern Table

While the typical Thanksgiving can often involve a lot of food and watching football, consider using this time away from work and school to indulge in some of your favorite activities.

Bring a Bouquet for the Host

Even in these post-Emily Post days, this is a tradition we at Toblers Flowers would like to see continue, especially on Thanksgiving, when so many of us are traveling over hill and dale to break bread with friends and family.

Festive Centerpieces for Your Holiday Table

What is your holiday style? Whether you prefer classic or contemporary, casual or elegant – your decor sets the ambiance for your celebrations. Thanksgiving is a time when tradition runs deep and influences how we set our tables for our guests – so much so that we can get stuck year after year.